Background Investigations

Background investigations focus on a broad set of research techniques which can provide information useful to determine the general character and trustworthiness of an individual.  These investigations include research of online and on-site criminal and civil records, driver history, education verification, address history, employment history, sex offender records, fictitious business names, property ownership, insurance claims, newspaper archives, restraining orders, social media content and advanced inspection of open source data. A personal background investigation may be fundamental or complex depending upon the subject individual and matters at issue. This wide range of investigative techniques allows for a customized approach to each individual case.

While other background services rely exclusively on databases and cover only the basics, True Source digs much deeper. We are not an "Instant Background Check Search" database company that gives you old, outdated public record information. Every background investigation is conducted by experienced private investigators who consult closely with clients throughout the course of the investigation to achieve the best possible outcome.

Types of Background Investigations

 - Pre-Employment

 - Criminal

 - Tenant Screening

 - Corporate

 - Pre-Marital

 - Check your Date/Mate

 - Personal

 - Childcare / Nanny

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Field Contacts

Is someone you need to contact avoiding your communication? True Source Investigations has developed a field investigation service that
can be customized to client needs. In this program we will make three attempts to speak with your customer. If your customer is at home, our
investigator will collect the information that you need and/or put them on the phone with you or one of your representatives.

Location Services

True Source Investigations specializes in location services and we are committed to providing clients with the most up-to-date contact information available. Our modern investigative techniques and access to unique databases  provide accurate and current results. The data collected is confirmed through surveillance, interviews and investigative techniques.

For corporations and business clients, we assist with locating past employees, commercials tenants, contractors, vendors, clients and debtors.

Our services for private clients include location of  hard to find family members, ex-spouses, co-workers and classmates.

Veterans:  If you served in the military and seek to reconnect with other veterans, our private investigators and resources could assist you with reuniting old friends and veterans. As a veteran myself, I know first hand how special the bond is between service members. Let us help you reconnect and enjoy that brotherhood once again!          

No matter the circumstance, if you need someone located we can help

Private Investigations

Serving Northeast Ohio

Process Service

Need someone served tonight? True Source Investigations handles hard to serve cases that elude the court and other companies. We will
handle your process service quickly, efficiently, and with a smile. We offer pick up and delivery, multiple attempts of service, same day or
rush service and our guarantee.


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