Location Service


Processing Services

$55 Per Document

$75 Same day / emergency

Mileage $0.35 per mile          

*Addional fees may be applied if address is unknown*

Field Contact (3 attempts for personal contact)

Mileage $0.35 per mile           
*Addional fees may be applied if address is unknown*

All General Investigations

$65/hr plus expenses

*Required for a Start of Investigation: Minimum $500 retainer

(Determined by Case)

Pricing for Investigative Services

At True Source Investigations, we strive to provide a results-driven service at a reasonable price. Our policy is to provide an estimate that carry no extra or hidden cost and to provide a truly valuable service for clients. We will not exceed the amount of retainer without contacting you first for authorization.

 Licensed by the Ohio Department of Public Safety License # 20162100156937

I began my career in law enforcement with the St.Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office in Louisiana after serving 10 years in the U.S. Navy.  I have spent the last ten years serving with several law enforcement agencies throughout Northeast Ohio including service as a criminal investigator for one of the largest agencies in Ohio. My education completes my experience with a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Justice Studies from Kent State University, certification by the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy as a Master Criminal Investigator and as a licensed private investigator.

Throughout my career in law enforcement, I have worked on many cases involving both misdemeanor and felony offenses. Experience in criminal cases has allowed me to gain specialized skill sets in many types of investigation including background investigations and location services.  I have attended thousands of hours of advanced investigative courses, where I learned current investigative techniques including the use of social media investigations.

Owning and operating a private investigation firm has long been a dream of mine. I have a true passion for finding answers and uncovering hard-to-find facts. I look forward to working with you.

Ben Bergeron, Owner

Additional Services

Basic Package


- SSN Verification

- Criminal History (Statewide)

- Employment Verification

- Address History - Previous 2 Years

- Sex Offender Registry (Statewide)

- Criminal History (Statewide)

- Education Verification

Premium Package


- SSN Verification

- Criminal History (Nationwide)

- Employment Verification

- Address History - Previous 7 Years

- Education Verification

- Personal Reference Check

- Sex Offender Registry (Nationwide)

- Professional License Verification

- Court Records Inspection - Judgements / Liens /            Bankruptcies

- Recreational License Verification

- Terrorist Watch List

Ben Bergeron


Private Investigations

Serving Northeast Ohio

Custom Packages Available Upon Request at $65/hr

.Background Investigations